Meeting in Spain II

We met for the fourth time in Spain, November 2018. We set up a fundraising market, ate lots of tapas (again!) and enjoyed a magic performance. You can find out more in our photo gallery .

A view from the Germans on the trip to Spain in 2018

Erasmus+ AG

Last November almost everyone from our group went to Spain for the 4th meeting of Erasmus+.     But the preparation of everything that we have done, before the leaving were pretty important and funny too.

First of all we collected ideas of what we could sell at the fundraising day market and then divided into groups to organize everything we needed (of course the teachers helped a lot with the purchase of things we needed).

We did a lot of things and everyone did what they could do best.

In the end we had for example hand-made sewed, pencil cases and bags, that we even printed ourselves together with many T-Shirts.

Furthermore we had beautifully painted cards (for Christmas or New Year) and many colorful bracelets.

Spain – Market

Last November we went to Spain, where we organized a Fundraising Day market for people in need. When we arrived at the Spanish school most things were already prepared.

 Then the teachers divided us into mixed groups of six to go to different classes to promote the market.


Two days later we arranged we brought which included self-made cards, T-Shirts, pencil, cases and bracelets. Each Group had its own area for selling things.

The Spanish and Italian students collected many things as well e. g. old jewelry, books and clothes. There were kids from primary and secondary school and some parents as well.

 We learned how to sell things. Moreover we had some interesting conversations with for example customers.


To sum up it was a great experience.


photos and videos


 Last year at the Erasmus+ exchange we spent a lot of time with our Spanish host families.

 From the beginning they were very kind and treated us like a family member. The whole week we recognized how much they tried to make our week perfect. They cook typical Spanish food, they were very interested in our lifestyle and some of the parents even learned English especially for us. Furthermore we got to know the siblings and grandparents of our exchange students.

 Finally we all enjoyed the time in our host families and we liked getting to know a new lifestyle.

The German market

At the 12th of December our school Christmas market took place.

We sold a lot of things we had left from the Spanish market.

We got a lot of positive feedback from our classmates and friends.

We collected a lot of money because we had a lot of qualified shop assistants.