Our trip to Hamburg

On 5th March of the year 2019, we went on a trip to Hamburg.

At 9 am we met at the train station in Buxtehude.

We were excited although a bit nervous, as we wanted to experience everything from the German culture.Once we had arrived, we saw huge buildings which were different from the ones in Spain and Italy.

Then we went to the "Miniatur Wunderland".

There, we saw parts of cities from all over the world.

It was a cultural and entertaining activity everybody enjoyed.

At 1 pm we went to the "Elbphilharmonie", where we had lunch.

We reached the top of the building. From there, there were magnificant views.

Moreover, we were able to see all Hamburg, something all of us loved to do, despite the strong wind.

However that is not everything we did. Apart from that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, where some of us bought a sweater as a gorgeous memory.

Then, we went on a boat. A man told us interesting things about the unique port of the city. The water around us accompanied by the green landscape created a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, which made the journey on the boat even more fascinating.

Finally, we went shopping, and we had dinner in the city.

To sum up, we all had great fun, and without doubt, it was a memorable trip impossible to forget for the rest of our lifes.


A new experience

On 6th March of the year 2019 we had Art lessons in the morning.

In the beginning, not everybody was convinced about the activity, since painting in the Erasmus week seemed boring and quite uninteresting. However, as soon as we started to draw, everyody realized how enjoyable it was, and in the end, all of us felt like we wanted to do it once again.

After that, we spent a coupe of hours in the computer lab working on the blog in order to improve it. Once we had finished school, we went ice skating. But first, we went home to have lunch and rest for a few minutes, although it was impossible to chill out since everybody was extremely enthusiastic about skating on ice.

When we arrived in Harsefeld by train at 3 pm, we put our skaters on, and we began the new adventure. Although some of us were very good at it, others needed some help, but everybody acted as a family, helping each other and motivating those who were not experts with the skaters.Thanks to our actitude, all of us improved our ice skating skills.

All in all, it was an unforgotten and entertaining experience, which everyone whishes to repeat at least one more time in their lifes.

At night time, our Italian guests cooked some pasta for their German host families. The pasta was delicious apast from tasty. The Italian atmosphere poured into the German houses making everybody feeling delighted and comfortable.