A Syrian Refugee Story

Faez was walking to work in his hometown Daraa, the southern Syrian city where the protests against the president first erupted. For young people like Faez, leaving his house in the spring of 2013 became a game of Russian roulette.


On a late March Tuesday morning, Faez was confronted by a group of Syrian army soldiers. They were looking for a man who had been spotted with a handgun. Faez and three others were detained accused of being terrorists. Suddenly, he was standing at  gunpoint with his hands in the air and he was regretting he had walked to work. He was very scared and shocked.


He was lucky. At that moment, an old woman turned into the street, begging the gun-toting soldiers to spare these men. The old lady pleased they were her son, her nephew and her neighbours. Faez had never seen this woman before but she saved his life.


On that day Faez decided to flee Syria. He talked to his family and after that, they packed some few important things and, on the following day, they walked out of the door and left their lives behind. Since then, they have started a new life with a better future without feeling constantly endangered and threatened.


Read the text.
a) Find suitable headings for every paragraph.
b) Find out which statements are true or false. Correct the false one.
  1. It was really dangerous to go outside four days ago.
  2. Faez was driving to work when he was confronted by Syrian army soldiers.
  3. The Syrian army soldiers took him to a police office.
  4. The soldiers thought he was a terrorist.
  5. His mother saved his life.